Right now you’re probably thinking that my name is Victoria, right?! Well, Victoria is actually my middle name and Mills is my last name. My first name is, Jonné (pronounced ja-nay). I wanted to clear that up right away so you aren’t confused!

wedding photographer based in california

i'm jonné

 keeping it real
experience that you deserve.

Your time & wedding day story is something that I value. I’m all about keeping it real with you and being my best self from start to finish, so you get the experience that you deserve. I am not the photographer that you book and then not hear from until a week before your wedding. I make it a priority to get to know you and make you feel comfortable, so come wedding day we are already well acquainted and you can just focus on being in the moment together and spending the most time with the ones you love the most.

I'm a believer in Jesus Christ as he saved my life from addiction 7 years ago. I found a passion in photography and it's something that fills my cup and bring so much light into my life! I was born and raised in Hawaii. I have lived in California for more than half of my life now. Hawaiian soul California love is my saying! I have a super laid back attitude which will help you feel at ease when working with me! I am a wife and a mama who loves spending time with my family and eating good food! Fitness + Health are also a huge part of my life and I love any activities outdoors! In my free time I love to travel and soak up quality family time!

more than a girl with a camera