How To Have The Best Engagement Photoshoot

Whether you’re engaged already or you think he might pop the question soon, I want to provide a few tips for crushing your engagement photos. From what to wear to where to go, keep these things in mind before your upcoming photo shoot!

1. Wear something you’re comfortable in.

I want you to wear something that is comfortable, yet makes you feel confident and beautiful. You won’t want anything to tight or loose because you will be worried about it the whole session.

I always like to offer my couples one outfit change. For the beginning, I suggest wearing something a bit more casual and then changing into something more dressed up for the second half of the session. Flowy maxi dresses are a great thing to wear. Any type of lace or texture can really add a punch to photos and they photograph so well. You can also add layers or accessories to a maxi and it looks great!

2. Consider professional hair and makeup for the shoot.

I always suggest doing your hair and makeup a little extra for photoshoots. If you are confident in your hair & makeup skills, that’s amazing! Do it up, girl! If you feel like someone else can do a better job then treat yourself to some pampering before your session.

Having your hair & makeup done really makes such a dramatic difference in the final photos. A good makeup artist will know just what to do to ensure a great look for photos. A cool tip I like to suggest is to have your trial hair & makeup done the day of your engagement shoot. Knock out two birds with one stone!

Send me a message if you would like a list of recommendations for hair & makeup providers.

3. Location 

I want you to think about what you really love as a couple and what type of places/scenery (beach, mountains, city) reflect that.

If you both love going on hikes and being adventurous, maybe more of a mountain scenery would be ideal for you. Do you love going to the beach and it has become something special you do in your relationship?  Maybe you love making coffee and snuggling on the couch and an at home session would good for you!

Don’t be afraid to include your favorite activities into your engagement session!

4. Make a day out of it.

Plan to make a day-long date out of it! Really enjoy this time together and this new adventure you are embarking on! Being engaged is such a fun time in life and you should embrace it!

Not only does this give you plenty of time for photos without feeling rushed, but starting your day in this mindset will really help you feel connected and more romantic as you get ready for the shoot.

This doesn’t need to be something that feels stressful for you. Make the best of it and have fun when getting ready and even plan to go to a nice dinner after. After all, you’re gonna be all dressed up and feeling like your best self anyway, so why the heck not!

5. Best time of day to schedule your session.

The best time of day for your engagement shoot is definitely just before sunset, which is referred to as golden hour! Just before the sun sets is when you want to shoot if you’re looking for that amazing, golden light in your photos. This time of day the lighting is nice and even and makes for the best possible photos. Early afternoon may seem like an ideal time for a shoot, but the lighting is so much harsher at this time because the sun is directly overhead.